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Silver Spring Couples Find Quality Counseling and Therapy for Depression 2017-08-11

Depression is a major mental health issue in the United States, and the therapists at Sun Point Wellness Center in Silver Spring, MD know how to help couples struggling with this problem. Silver Spring, MD - When a spouse or life partner is suffering from depression, the couple's relationship is usually "depressed" as a result. This debilitating mental illness can slowly destroy emotional bonds and sexual intimacy, bringing down both partners in the process. Studies show that couples experiencing depression are many times more likely to divorce, and waiting for the mood to shift on its own could be a recipe for disaster in the relationship.

Laura Morse, M.Ed., LGPC of Sun Point Wellness Center says, "Starting counseling before a depressed partner hits bottom is so important for the survival of the relationship. The couple can come in as a team to find solutions that will pave the road to a happier life together."

Sun Point Wellness Center is known for providing Silver Spring couples with holistic, solution-based counseling that directly targets the issue of depression. Couples Talk Therapy, also known as psychotherapy, is a proven method for helping couples suffering from a variety of issues related to depression including Addiction, Anxiety, PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), and Bipolar Disorder. Married couples who participate actively in talk therapy can find ways to cope with issues and problems depression brings into their daily lives. Having compassion for one another, and working with a compassionate counselor who is attentive and experienced can help the relationship grow beyond these challenges.

Morse is a certified counselor and talk therapy specialist. She works with families and married couples who find the stresses of living daily life with a depressed person to be overwhelming. Her compassionate personality and advanced therapeutic techniques have led to positive results in relationships where one or both partners is depressed.

"I focus on the unique needs of the couples I meet, and am able to craft my approach with each individual in the relationship, making for a much more effective session." Morse and the therapists at Sun Point Wellness Center offer an innovative therapeutic approach to help married couples, and life partners, and believe that an evidence-based approach is the best way to give support on the path to recovery from depression.

The Sun Point Wellness Center in Silver Spring is accepting new clients who seek a holistic and fresh approach to therapy for depression. The highly focused, quality counseling they offer often produces immediate positive results, but recovery may take time and patience. Therapeutic techniques, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal counseling, along with a solution-based approach can be enormously helpful. The process requires commitment, but if it's a matter of saving the most important relationship in one's life, the results are worth it.


About Sun Point Wellness Center: Therapists at Sun Point Wellness Center offer customized and individualized talk therapy to couples and individuals in Silver Spring, Maryland. Call today for a free phone consultation to discuss your goals for therapy.





Contact: Sun Point Wellness Center

Laura Morse, MED, LGPC

Executive Director

(301) 960-8991

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